Our lives are formed by our physical locations even as locations are formed by

every residual mark our lives leave behind. As these marks build over time, they

determine the kinds of lives that will come next and the kinds of marks those lives will

leave. With this perpetual process in mind, Chad Rutter makes work in a wide range

of media that explores geography and geology, both cultural and physical, touching

on themes like land use, history, nature tourism, natural disasters and American

material culture.

In his most recent work, a series of mixed media drawings, Rutter turns to natural

disasters and how they are understood and consumed by a distant or online

audience. These works on paper layer digitally and manually obscured images of

tornado damage sourced from online news stories. This exploration challenges the

nature/culture dualism of Western cultural philosophy and attempts to slow down the

reading and consumption of disaster images. By taking visceral news accounts meant

to highlight the spectacle of natural violence and obscuring them, Rutter invites a

softened contemplation of such events and suggesting that they are in fact unexceptional

in the broader scheme of natural processes, of which we are a part.

In addition to a studio practice that encompasses sculpture, drawing, photography

and conceptual practice, Rutter is the founder of Mystery Spot Books, an independent

publishing venture dedicated to short run artist publications as solo projects and as

collaborations bringing together artists with similar interests and themes.